Trackless Mobile Gantry Crane

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Our Light Duty Gantry Cranes are fabricated and welded to provide precise load positioning for medium to heavy loads. They are ideal for applications that require an economical, versatile lifting solution. If your facility can not support an overhead bridge crane a light duty gantry crane is the perfect solution.

 These gantry cranes are self-supporting and travel directly on the floor. Our Light Duty Gantry Cranes come with a power drive system that includes polyurethane (trackless) or V-groove wheels. A light duty gantry crane can easily be moved from one location another if you rent or lease your facility. 


Features And Benefits

Factors to consider when determining whether a motorized gantry crane is the most cost effective solution for you company

lYour building or facility is currently under lease and a major investment in overhead runway structure is not reasonable.

lYour company may be planning to relocate eventually and the cost to relocate a gantry is far cheaper than moving an overhead bridge crane system.

lYour material handling process requires you to move loads inside and outside of your building.

lYou require a long runway and purchasing 100 feet plus of runway for an overhead bridge crane is not as practical as purchasing 100 feet plus of gantry rail. 


Tell Us What You Need

Interested in our crane or want to get a reasonable motorized gantry crane price? Please provide some basic information about the crane you want: 

lRated load

lLifting height


lHow many hours does the crane work per day?

lHow many meters does the crane travel?

lCrane working condition

lPower source

lOther requirements

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