Stop looking, this is what you want! KLD lightweight lifting, the best one-stop solution!

100T? 50T? The tonnage is too large? This may not be for you. So just right, you are looking for, and we have also appeared-KLD lightweight lifting service.

KLD Lightweight Lifting Service was founded by the background Tianheng Kairui Lifting Machinery Co., Ltd. It integrates R&D, production, sales and integrated services from multiple perspectives. Committed to the design and development of low tonnage, small gantry and other lifting equipment. We have provided different connection solutions for more than 80 countries and regions around the world, and we are constantly pursuing extreme adaptation. Let our solution be more suitable for your work, and let our equipment be more suitable for your work environment!

So now you take the initiative to contact our sales manager to put forward your lifting needs, ideas and goals.

Our designers will provide you with a set of solutions in the shortest time and develop a set of your own customized products for you.

After the plan is approved and confirmed by you. We will send the design plan to the factory in the form of a task, and the factory workers will build each machine according to the drawings and with the spirit and attitude of Chinese craftsmen for thousands of years. Each of our lightweight lifting equipment is as delicate and beautiful as porcelain. In addition, more important is the practicality and durability for you. Let it be able to maximize the convenience of your work and even life.Providing follow-up installation support and after-sales service is also our advantage. According to your different usage scenarios, there will be those situations and accidents. Designers and engineers have already considered for you, and the products will be issued with the special attention and notes of your own KLD lightweight lifting service. Instructions for use. This allows you to understand and familiarize yourself with our lifting equipment as quickly as possible, making it easier to handle different situations in use. Enough to let you rest assured that if any problems are found during use, our after-sales guidance will help you solve them.

 Find a lifting solution that suits you, that is KLD lightweight lifting. Here are top-level customization services, tailor-made solutions for you!

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