Focus on KLD Crane : Phase-1 KLD Lightweight Gantry Aerospace Industry Application Case Sharing

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KLD lightweight lifting solutions focus on various lifting problems, and have solved different lifting problems for hundreds of companies over the years. From airplanes to submarines, from ordinary industrial molds to large-scale equipment, from the war-torn frontline of anti-terrorism to daily home life. All walks of life have gradually seen KLD lifting. This time KLD Cranes focuses on the aerospace industry, take a look at the KLD lightweight hoisting program this time.

Custom Background

China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics is mainly engaged in the research of aircraft aerodynamics. It plays a pivotal role in China’s aviation industry. Such a research institute that integrates high-precision technology into one, has encountered difficulties in the lifting scheme. There is an old Chinese saying: There is a sequence of learning about the Tao, and a specialization in the art industry. The original plan of the China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics was to lift the large UAV to the carrier and then transport it to the designated location. The seemingly simple process has many difficulties. Unlike in the past, this drone has no fixed positions and fixed lifting equipment cannot provide assistance. Moreover, the lifting equipment is required to be as light and portable as possible while being movable and capable of reaching the required lifting weight, so as to save valuable space in the institute.

KLD lifting Plan Formulation

After receiving the customer’s inquiry, KLD arranges engineers for one-to-one location tracking services as soon as possible. It aims to go deep into the scene, dig deep into the problem, and achieve the best experience while solving the problem.

After further communication with the relevant staff of the China Aerospace Aerodynamics Research Institute, the engineer learned about the specific usage and scenarios. According to the actual use, the appropriate parameters are designed and determined, and the aluminum alloy gantry crane LT1 is designed. This gantry has a simple structure and shows the beauty of engineering mechanics; it is easy to disassemble, which saves the most storage space; it is convenient to operate and has a large fault tolerance rate to ensure foolproof under various conditions.

KLD Custom feedback

After the acceptance of the proposal, the relevant personnel of China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics responded. Our solution greatly facilitated their lifting work. I have always used a car crane before, which is costly, covers a large area, and is extremely inconvenient. But the scheme provided by KLD Crane is adopted. The KLD lightweight lifting equipment is used, which avoids the situation where the truck crane was used before. This is the most suitable lifting equipment for us.

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