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KLD lightweight lifting solutions focus on various lifting problems, and have solved different lifting problems for hundreds of companies over the years. From airplanes to submarines, from ordinary industrial molds to large-scale equipment, from the war-torn anti-terrorism frontline to daily home life. All walks of life have gradually seen KLD heavy lifting. This time KLD Hoisting focuses on quantum information research, take a look at the KLD lightweight hoisting program this time.

Custom Background

The China Institute of Quantum Information intends to carry large-scale scientific research equipment in the laboratory. However, the space in the laboratory is small, and ordinary lifting equipment cannot operate flexibly. In addition, the equipment is moved on the second floor of the laboratory, taking into account the weighing of the floor and the height of the room. There are strict requirements on the weight and height of the handling equipment. The laboratory may also need to disable electrical equipment during the experiment, which requires the lifting equipment to take into account both the electric and manual lifting functions.

KLD lifting Plan Formulation

In a small laboratory, I want to meet customer requirements. This requires KLD Lightweight Lifting Services to conduct further design and research on the lifting equipment this time. The first is to adaptively optimize the weight and height of the equipment on the premise of meeting the actual load. After engineers’ precise mechanical calculations and careful material selection, the weight of the equipment is perfectly controlled within 600KG. In terms of height, the innovative design of the two ends of the lead screw and the column butt connection ensures the maximum height of the equipment while ensuring the lifting height. The introduction of the corner motor enables the equipment to rotate 360° and operate flexibly in a small space. The lifting adopts turbine lifting, and the manual lifting can be realized by adding an external handle at the designated position. In the end, KLD Lifting developed and designed a tailor-made lifting equipment under strict and demanding requirements, and achieved the expected results.

KLD Custom feedback

We did not expect that KLD lifting can grasp the height and weight of the lifting equipment so well. It is very suitable for use in our laboratory, and the manual lifting is more labor-saving than imagined. The equipment is flexible and easy to use.

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