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KLD lightweight lifting solutions focus on various lifting problems, and have solved different lifting problems for hundreds of companies over the years. From airplanes to submarines, from ordinary industrial molds to large-scale equipment, from the war-torn anti-terrorism front line to daily home life. All walks of life have gradually seen KLD lifting. This time KLD Hoisting focuses on agriculture and forestry, take a look at KLD’s lightweight hoisting program this time.

Custom Background

Beijing Forestry University ,Research on agriculture and forestry has been at the world’s leading level. However, they have encountered difficulties in the agricultural and forestry plant growth testing equipment. At first, small drones have been used to detect plants, but the drone system cannot detect from all directions and the cost of frequent detection will be high. The idea of Beijing Forestry University is to install a set of equipment to observe the influence of some external factors on the growth and changes of poplar trees. The equipment can detect and record the top and bottom, left and right, front and back, side and other parts of the poplar. The equipment itself can perform front and back. , Left and right, up and down movement, convenient for scanning and monitoring plants in different areas.

KLD lifting Plan Formulation

This does not seem to be a project in the lifting industry, but this idea is surprisingly similar to the KBK LIGHT CRANE SYSTEM of KLD Lifting. For this, KLD designed and developed a set of plant scanning equipment. On the basis of the original KBK LIGHT CRANE SYSTEM, a gear chain track is added to facilitate forward and backward movement. The column has a lifting system to meet the height requirements of plants in different growth periods. An electric block is installed above the equipment. The trolley can move freely left and right, and there is a retractor on the trolley to scan and detect the details of the plant at different heights. This is a device that can detect and scan plant growth in an all-round way. KLD has also designed several models for different plants and experimental requirements.

KLD Custom feedback

The introduction and application of this equipment greatly facilitated the inspection work. It has the unparalleled superiority of drones, the details are in place, and the working hours are not restricted by the weather, which shows that it can detect plants in different weather. KLD’s lifting service is also in place. Each piece of equipment is carefully customized, and it has done a good job in the research on the least impact of the plant. It can be said that KLD lifting is very scientific and innovative. Now many of our test plots have decided to introduce this equipment.

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