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KLD lightweight lifting solutions focus on various lifting problems and have solved different lifting problems for hundreds of companies over the years. From airplanes to submarines, from ordinary industrial molds to large-scale equipment, from the war-torn anti-terrorism frontline to daily home life. All walks of life have gradually seen KLD lifting. This time KLD Hoisting focuses on power engineering, take a look at KLD’s lightweight lifting program this time.

Custom Background

The State Grid Corporation of China has encountered lifting difficulties in transporting and connecting UHV AC pipelines. The general situation is that the pipe storage area is far from the construction area, and the construction area is a live area, and the crane cannot operate. The pipeline has a special structure, divided into three layers, the upper, the middle and the lower, and the pipe is 18 meters long. A certain degree of accuracy is required for installation. In addition, a clean room is needed during the docking process of the pipeline, and the clean room needs to be able to adjust its position freely.

KLD lifting Plan Formulation

After receiving the lifting task, KLD Lifting carried out a plan based on actual requirements and conditions. As a whole, it is divided into three parts. The first part is to solve the problem of pipe handling. Because of the geographical height limit, large cranes and trucks cannot enter the construction. The engineers of KLD Lifting discussed and studied and decided to use two electric pallet trucks. The second part is to solve the 18-meter-long high-pressure AC pipe handling and lifting problems. In response to this, we innovatively adopted two gantry linkage handling, one at the front and rear of the 18-meter pipe; to maintain stable operation, telescopic columns are used in the connection part of the gantry to fine-tune the distance between the gantry. Reduce the bumps caused by the front and rear speed mismatch. The third part is to solve the problem of working clean and dust-free environment. A clean dust-free shed is customized for the field data, with a dust-proof film outside, equipped with air conditioners, dehumidifiers and other equipment to ensure a clean environment, independent power supply equipment, and a complete set of removable. KLD lifting adopts a three-in-one solution, which perfectly solves the lifting problem in power engineering for China State Grid.

KLD Custom feedback

The overall plan is very suitable, greatly shortening the expected construction period, and leaving a lot of the original budget. The trinity program provided by KLD Crane has in fact inspired us a lot, and we have new ideas and references in future engineering construction. From this perspective, the equipment can be set at a price, but this package cannot be priced, just right.

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