Focus on KLD Crane: Phase 3-KLD Lightweight Gantry Environmental Science Application Case Sharing

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KLD lightweight lifting solutions focus on various lifting problems and have solved different lifting problems for hundreds of companies over the years. From airplanes to submarines, from ordinary industrial molds to large-scale equipment, from the war-torn anti-terrorism frontline to daily home life. All walks of life have gradually seen KLD lifting. This time KLD Hoisting focuses on environmental science, take a look at KLD’s lightweight lifting program this time.

Custom Background

The Institute of Acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences plans to install advanced sonar equipment on research ships to conduct environmental science research in Qiandao Lake. Here it is necessary to install a lifting device on the scientific research ship to make the large sonar equipment frequent in and out of the water and use more frequently. At the same time, the environment of Qiandao Lake is relatively harsh and unfriendly to machinery and equipment, with strong sunshine, large temperature difference between day and night, working on the water, high water vapor, and easy rust. In addition, considering the impact on local organisms, the noise of lifting equipment should be reduced as much as possible.

KLD lifting Plan Formulation

It can also be said that there have been twists and turns in formulating the plan. In fact, aluminum lifting equipment is the most ideal material for working in this environment. But aluminum lifting equipment does not meet the standard in terms of load capacity. Therefore, only steel lifting equipment can be selected. This requires us to have greater requirements for the exterior painting process of the equipment. This time KLD lifting adopts the automotive paint painting process, with two layers of paint inside and outside, to ensure that the equipment is not affected in such an environment. In terms of noise, we have further upgraded the hardness and precision of the motor gear to achieve the purpose of reducing noise.

KLD Custom feedback

The equipment quality and process control are all in place. After a year of use, there is no rusting or damp. The noise of the wire rope electric hoist is reduced a lot after special treatment. The trackless walking is very stable. It is a sonar for underwater operations. Lifting provides a great help.

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