Rail mounted gantry crane or RMG crane, is commonly used for the quick, safe and automated handling of containers. The crane provides high performance, reliability, low operating costs and low energy consumption, playing a key role in facilitating the operations of yard stacking. The gantry crane can be designed with a wide range of capacities and sizes to accommodate different container capacities. The span of the crane is designed according to the rows of containers that need to be crossed.

Trackless mobile gantry crane ride on the ground rather than an overhead runway, which often results in savings directly passed on to the customer.Because gantry cranes typically ride on the ground, you do not need to install an overhead runway system. Installation of a gantry crane often is simple and fast because no overhead structure is needed.

Electric motormotorized gantry, on the basis of manual walking gantry crane, an electric motor component is added, which can move with heavy load and is easy to operate. The power supply mode can be battery or power connection.

Product feature

 The gantry crane adopts national standard materials, the steel plate adopts laser cutting, and the cut is smooth.

 The gantry crane below 10t is equipped with detachable electric motor components, and above 10t is built-in electric motor device, which makes the operation more stable.

 Upgraded function of electric walking device-360° rotation function in place to adapt to more venues.

 Electric walking components can be installed on various gantry cranes, which are more powerful and increase customer experience.

 Electric motor has no track and diversified use sites.

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