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Focus on light and small lifting equipment for 12 years!

Focusing on small lifting equipment for more than ten years has given us strong technical advantages and cost advantages. The experienced technical team can provide customized designs with 100% match according to your needs.

Professional pre-sales technical team provides services, no matter how difficult or special lifting requirements, we have the confidence to propose solutions and solve them properly.

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liucheng(KLD customized crane equipment)

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Leading the global crane industry with the best service and a complete range of lifting equipment.

Hand push to travel. Customized gantry crane, height can be adjusted by gear, pin shaft bearing load. Equipped with self-locking winch or turbine winch,convenient to lift.

Electric motor(motorized) gantry, on the basis of manual walking gantry crane, an electric motor component is added, which can move with heavy load and is easy to operate. The power supply mode can be battery or power connection.

Customized gantry crane, lightweight equipment, high-end outer tube, adjustable height, adjustable span, basically not restricted by the site.

Custom-made jib crane,has high frequency of use, small floor area, and intensive station hoisting.

Including-monorail cranes,-single beam cranes,-double beam cranes,-telescopic beams,-stackers and other types of lifting equipment, with a lifting capacity of 0.125t to 2t, which has a wide range of applications, especially suitable for modern production conveyor lines.

Electric hoist is a kind of special lifting equipment. It is installed on the crane and gantry crane. The electric hoist has the characteristics of small size, light weight, simple operation and convenient use. It is used in industrial and mining enterprises, storage, docks and other places.

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